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New Contact Lens Prices

Thank you to everyone who voted for Village Eyecare as the best eyecare facility in Gloucester County! We are excited to receive this recognition.

Alcon, Bauch & Lomb, and now Vistakon (Acuvue) have put into effect new unilateral pricing policies to ensure patients will receive the most consistent prices on contact lenses regardless of where they purchase them. The contact lens companies are now dictacting the minimum price per box (both doctor's offices and online retailers) can charge patients. Retailers are able to sell the boxes for higher than the manufacters suggested retail price, but cannot sell them for lower.  

Here at Village Eyecare we have always been competitive with our contact lens prices.  With these new unilateral pricing policies going into effect, patients can be assured that we will continue to sell contacts for the lowest allowable price per the manufacturer.  There is no need to shop around since we have adopted the policy of selling contacts for the mimium suggested retail price. 

In addition, patients who currently wear Acuvue Oasys can no longer purchase (6) packs of this lens after July 1, 2014.  The Oasys will now come in a (12) pack or a (24) pack.  One (24) pack per eye is an annual supply and is a better value than two (12) packs per eye.  Acuvue is doing this to streamline the contact lens purchasing experience for patients. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding these new contact lens prices.  

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